We engaged Mary Carroll to work with us to design, develop and deliver a more comprehensive gender awareness component within our existing management development programme, Pathway. Her knowledge of the subject together with her ability to ask pertinent questions resulted in a session where participants questioned assumptions and reflected on their own experiences and situations .

Mary then went on to support us to deliver the session ourselves, developing resources and coaching our in-house trainers. Mary brings a professional approach, while her ability to share many real and meaningful insights in the area of gender awareness has made an important contribution towards a successful management development programme for Concern.

Honor Marr, Head of Learning and Organisation Development, Concern Worldwide

I attended the ‘Women into Leadership’ training in March. Facilitated by Mary Carroll, this one day workshop was engaging, thought provoking and has stayed with me since. The workshop presented well researched materials to participants which left them in no doubt as to the urgency and importance of promoting women into leadership. Interactive discussions and activities enabled the group to understand the multitude of barriers that can stand in the way of women’s progress but more importantly, how these can be overcome at both a personal level and within a workplace. I have dipped in and out of the references provided a number of times since taking the course. Overall, a day well spent !

Noreen Gumbo, Programme Leader – HIV & Gender Equality – Trocaire

As a working Mum, it was great to be able to give “Women into Leadership” and my career planning dedicated time with other working women to get their perspectives and experiences. Looking at it from different angles, with supporting data and different opinions, really opens your mind to your values, assumptions and opportunities. You take it from an abstract discussion to concrete opinion, learning, data or action plan.

Mary employed a very inclusive approach, appealing to many different styles of learning or discussing. She covered a lot of ground in a calm, safe but thought-provoking & challenging environment and engaged the audience throughout, using different techniques.

I recommend this workshop as it’s a very positive 360 approach to the subject and offers many levels and approaches to solutions.

Sarah Romoli – Business Engagement Manager Western Europe – Microsoft

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the Double X workshop recently. It was an extremely informative and valuable day. The structure of the day and Mary’s style of facilitation allowed everyone to learn key facts about gender equality in the workplace while also providing some building blocks to apply in our own careers. Although the participants were from different backgrounds and working in different industries, it was surprising how many common themes and shared experiences surfaced. There are still inherent behaviours and choices made by both men and women that can limit a woman’s career path. As somebody in a leadership position, the Double X workshop highlighted some positive changes I could make to my own behaviour and also to reassess how to facilitate more women into leadership positions.

Joanne Horgan – Director – Vizor Ltd

“Mary, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the information I garnered at the workshop last week, …. my expectations were exceeded as the workshop was absolutely brilliant. The Double X was entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant, there was plenty of information to take away and refer to as well. ….I have developed an action plan to realise my full potential and I am astounded how my confidence level has grown since taking part in the course…… This has helped tremendously especially when I am visiting customers as I now convey an air of confidence…….. I would never have achieved this level of confidence without Mary and the Double X”

Sonja Ferguson – Marketing Manager – Festo Ltd

Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the DoubleX workshop. I found it extremely interesting and motivational and your approach was fun and professional. I have already put some of the advice to good use. It’s definitely something I would recommend all women and businesses pay attention to, not only for the personal benefits it gives to me as a woman in business, but also this training and information could really help companies add value by using their most valuable assets “people” in a way that gets the best results all round . Excellent!

Kelly McAtarsney – Director – Protec Machinery Ltd