We offer a range of workshops to support

  • organisations in ensuring that all of their people get the opportunity to fluorish and reach their full potential
  • individuals in achieving fulfillment and success



A 1 day workshop to explore:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • How does it manifest itself in the workplace?
  • The effects of unconscious bias
  • How to address unconscious bias

We all have biases – they help us to rapidly process information to arrive at a conclusion. The problem is that, often, this shortcutting can be wrong. It can be based on assumptions we make about people or situations based on previous experience.

Attendees will learn about unconscious bias and its effects, will be better able to recognise when it is happening in the workplace, and will have a range of means of addressing it available to them.

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A 1 day workshop to raise awareness among managers, male and female, about

  • The business case for gender balance & inclusion
  • The barriers to talent optimisation, including stereotyping, unconscious bias & limiting beliefs
  • How to address these barriers
  • Exploring & developing action plans to implement gender inclusion and talent optimisation in your business.

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This 1 day workshop provides a forum to allow women to

  • Explore the business case for gender balance & inclusion
  • Explore the barriers that have been shown to sometimes affect women’s progress in the workplace, including stereotyping & limiting beliefs
  • Consider options to address these barriers
  • Set goals & develop action plans to help participants to reach their full potential.

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